Paul Letourneau


For over two decades, I’ve been deeply involved in the digital marketing space, guiding both emerging startups and established Fortune 500 companies towards online success. My journey led me to found YEG Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. 


My philosophy is simple: honesty, integrity and data. I believe in transparently sharing knowledge and demystifying the digital marketing process for my clients. I don’t just offer our clients solutions; I educate and empower them to make better decisions that will help grow their businesses long term. 


Since 2017, YEG Digital has been won numerous local, national and international awards for our work in web design and SEO but our best work is building minimalistic, functional websites designed that perform. While our websites don’t not chase the latest design fads, they excel in driving business and generating sales. I pride myself in function over form, substance over style. My simplistic design style isn’t for everyone, and I’m ok with that. 


In life outside of the office, God and family are my anchors—my wife, who’s my rock, and our three amazing daughters. Together, we love exploring new places, playing a good game of cards, and cheering on the Oilers every chance we get.


If my approach and values resonate with you, and you’re looking for someone to help demystify digital marketing while focusing on real results, I’d love to hear from you.